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About B + B

B+Bwas founded in 1975 and has many years of expertise in building construction and civil engineering projects, in Germany as well as abroad.

B+Bhas since its beginning successfully realized the project management in projects for construction and engineering as representative of private and public project owners.

Additionally B+Bhas acted and is acting as project developer for the realization of concepts for building construction, civil and consulting engineering as well as for integrated concepts and is also active as a private construction developer.

The economical, architectural and constructional know how and long-term experience for building construction, civil and consulting engineering as well as constructional redevelopment has enabled B+Bto realize a variety of projects as turn-key general contractor in Germany and especially abroad, including various projects as leading project management and project controlling company.

Since 2000 B+B has extended its range of activities into the sector of Renewable Energy Technology (RET) with special focus on solar energy, wind power and geothermal facilities. This activity is being executed in cooperation with some of the leading technology suppliers in the respective sector and is growing constantly withing the last three years.

The work flow of B+Bnormally consisted the complete responsibility for realization of constructional projects (turn-key), especially project development and realizational controlling in accordance with all constructional and economical aspects.

The current partners of B+Bhave an extensive network of subcontractors and specialists in order to deliver the turn-key construction required by its clients.

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